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hello i am new here. i live in new york and i am a libra. ha. this is me..... 

and i am really tired of the same old hair. i really want bangs but at the same time i just can not make up my mind on what in the hell to do with this shit. so iam posting some pics for you all to see and maybe give me some input, mainly just on the cut, but if you have any color advice feel free to spill it. i am really in need of change at this point. please help me, help myself...


 obviously this is me also

 this is the one that i am leaning more towards, i know that my hair is so not even that long but you know this cut for my length, that is until it grows out a bit. i absolutely love these bangs.

 now i would have my hair longer than this in the back but practically the same bangs

gah, any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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